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Welcome to the "Gap" Women Perspective

How old are you with your boyfriend, or husband,? Do you feel smarter than them? Do you feel your more a social person than them, you earned more than them?

I was watching a program yesterday on television about relationship talking about "gaps" mean - age gap, education gap, and social gap. 

These certain gaps can be threaten the respect in a relationship. If there is a big educational gap, you have to be careful Most specially if a woman is more educated , she has to be careful. Because when a woman feels she is smarter than the man she is with, she tends to step over him. Women now didn't put any nonsense things, they earned as higher as a man earned. Women should think first before they start to talk.

A large age gap is another potential red flag. In my experience, if a man is 10 years older, it's usually not a problem. Unless he is vastly more educated or worldly. That's you should be careful too. Some older man are too possessive most especially if their partner is young,attractive and beautiful. But after 10 years, you have to be more cautious. A partner must feel like equals in order to have a healthy relationship. Obviously, if he is way beyond her in life experience and maturity, he might look down on her. 

One woman shared about her insight from an Ancient Jewish philosophy. She is Jewish. I can't remember her name because I focus on the subject they were talking LOL! As she said "kinopya ko pa yon" I almost forgot it happened that "Sara" know it. "Make yourself a mentor, acquire a friend for yourself, and be sure to judge favorably" That was a wonderful advice she gave. And Sarah can relate, the fact that she was married to a very strong man and a doctor by profession for 67 years. 

But what if the woman is older than him? Ann said (sarah daughter) in any way, she looked man is immature, LOL! I was laughing. And Sarah said (taka)a yeddish term in English "really". It is good for a man whose younger than woman, because old man died early than women. Another big laugh I gave to them. It was a fun conversation. Therefore, I conclude it depends how mature the man is. If a woman  2 or 3 years older than him the difference might not be noticed. However, if she is four or five years older than him, he have to be extraordinarily mature in order to be a healthy relationship.Otherwise, woman feels herself she is playing like a mother!(sigh). In my case, I don't know yet, he is younger. Ultimately, we both have respect. If not, it might end up mistreating each other. However, physical touch and attraction is different from online relationship.

Lastly, a large social gap they've talked also threaten a relationship. If a woman or man is wealthy than their partner that is also sometimes is difficult. A woman spoke about her experience having trouble with great guy without big money because she couldn't respect them. She always hope such great guy but she realized she doesn't want to repeat her parents marriage. Of course there are people from upper class who are happily married to lower class. But it does take a lot of work, that was they said. If your considering a partner from a different social class you must do some sober thinking. That means seeing beyond the infatuation and looking at the respect factor. You should start to ask question now. Like, are you willing to put up with different habits. But if your a girl who knows to deal with them that must be easier.  Honestly, it helps to have money.

In my point of view as a single woman olalala... LOL.. The key ingredients of happy and healthy relationship is mutual respect. Whatever the gap is, you both need it, you both deserve it.

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