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To Hire Wedding Planner or Not?

Back to my wedding plan, my fiancee and I talked last night if we still need to hire a wedding coordinator/planner. But I insist considering we deposited money already. 

Hiring a planner is something you and your fiancee you should talk about carefully. Because you have to allot extra money on it most especially if your budget in tight and limited. Unless if you are rich and no reason to worry right after the wedding.

As I contacted wedding planners before I hired my lovely and accommodating event coordinator MSYSCHIC . Most of them offers three options: Full Coordination, Semi Coordination, and On the Day Coordination:

With Full Coordination is what we've choose since we both working overseas and we want that our wedding arrange properly with no hassle. This coordination,  your planner will take care of everything you need. From conceptualization, canvassing of suppliers and keeping you in check the things that yourself will have to do. Like creating a guest list, schedule in the church.  If your working abroad and busy to arrange your own wedding I prefer to recommend Full Coordination Package. It is quiet expensive but I think its not painful in your pocket

With a Semi-Coordination- in this package, a planner takes care where you started. They only follow up what work you've done. Like follow up your suppliers. But mostly you've done it yourself then you realized that you need somebody to help you out.

On the Day Coordination - this is coordination is done only of the wedding day, itself. A planner does the direct activities to make sure the program flow will go smoothly and serve as your assistant guide in all your needs. However, all the responsibliities of planning and supplier hunting full on your shoulders.

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