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My Encounter in Dating Websites

I know most of us here heard about internet dating. Women looks for men, or men looks for women. For fun, pastime, or partner for a lifetime or whatever reason they might have is their business.

I was one of those women looking for partners in life. Registering different foreign website just to meet a man of my life. Encountered different races, culture and tradition. Encountered rudeness and nastiness and a lot more.Though it was only a conversation but it made me sick. Some also were very nice to talked with, but when the conversation get closer, they confess that some Filipinos they chatted are asking for money. Being a Filipino I felt shamed, I know that not everybody are doing such things.

I felt bad for mysel as well to Filipino women dating foreigner's online who's intention is only to find a partner of their life. I registered as male member and pretending I was a man. It was really difficult but I managed to finished my mission. I proved that there are some oriental girls asking for money. And mind you, not only Filipinos.

I spoke one Filipino woman , married to American guy. I was very interested to know everything why she married that guy the fact it was too old for her. She said she married that guy because of financial problems that her family needed. She want to get out from the Philippines to support her family, to support her children. Because she said she was a single mother. She didn't feel anything for him at the start but ended a burning love. She was really beautiful that everybody can hook up her beauty. I don't know if she is really telling me the truth but that was the conversation. She has a lot of friends married to foreigners due to financial constraint but ended in love and happy ever after.  And I asked her why foreigner loves Filipino women. As I told, Filipino women are caring, affectionate, responsible specially to their family. 

Nevertheless, "true loves" knows not what is color, religions or races. All they know is , every thing is ROSY and BEAUTIFUL, Bad is still good to their eyes, Excuses is still sweet words to their ears. Don't forget the saying : LOVE IS BLIND. Love is not always love as they said. Yes you cannot buy love, however you cannot love a person if he is lazy, cannot make a living. Love easily fly the window if you have nothing to eat. Love is someone who is kind and dependable.

With my point of view Filipino women marrying  foreigner is a part of our colonial mentality that played the role of our society. Like we're  buying imported products rather than patronizing our local ones. But no matter what your choices are, still it's your free will to their options. I just felt really sad the bad image of Filipino women in dating world. The reason why I stopped chatting with foreigners.

I just encountered a bad situation that thought me a lesson.  But I  know they are still  wonderful and kind men there online. Just be aware to those people you talked with.  I  believe what goes around, comes around.

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  1. Hello guys!!
    i am new to this blog but i have really enjoyed this blog. Thanks for providing us information about dating concept. Please keep on updating with such kind of information.

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