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Love-do you have a list?

Yes, I used to write notes, list, anything that I can think randomly. Even forward text messages, I copied it as quotes collection and put it in my little notebook.

Do you make list also about love? Like what qualities and standard to the person you want to meet and wanted to be?

Some people do , I supposed we all do, adult, teenagers. And when time to bring it forward, the hard part is trying to translate that list into reality. Most of us over simplify or take things out of context. This is because our list is not always weighed in the same context or in order of importance.  Actually writing a list will give me the opportunity to prioritize what is really important to me.  Then I can strike off what is not so important, or at least their degrees of quality.

On your wish list you should focus on your needs, not always your wants.  We sometimes find our wants to be unrealistic. Focus on your bottom line.  Then narrow those needs down to maybe three or four.  If you have 10 needs and a person only has maybe 8 or 9, you may tend to eliminate that person. Sometimes good qualities can flip over and become bad ones. 

The conclusion: so what if he/she is too short? So what if he/she is maybe chubbier than you wanted?What if he/she is not good looking. What if she/he is not a degree holder.  If you have fun, if your life-styles are similar, if what you need is someone reliable, maybe not necessarily rich, if you need someone who is dependable, and most importantly can make a living, etc, it may be what you thought you wanted, is not what you needed.  If you have fun with a person who may not be everything you wanted, give them a closer look anyway. Who know's?

It is not settling to fall in love with Mr or Ms Good Enough.  Bear it in mind.  Maybe you've eliminated people you shouldn't have eliminated.

It is not Settling to fall in love with Mr or Ms Good Enough.  Bear it in mind.  Maybe you've eliminated people you shouldn't have eliminated.

Not anyone could be as lucky as my lovely lady(employer). She had a handsome, good looking, a doctor by profession, responsible husband.

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Welcome and Join BC-Blogger 3

I received an email from pretty Paula today, and I am happy that BC-Blogger Part 3 is open. I am very glad that I became part of BC-Blogger. I met and know wonderful people who shared their random thoughts, everyday routine of their life, parenting, friend, wife, mother and shared making money online too. Unlike people in the chatroom, mostly are hypocrite and liars. This is only my point of view. 

I am inviting everyone to Welcome and Join BC-Blogger 3.

So, I am calling all bloggers who want to gain friends in the blogosphere and build links at the same time – BC Bloggers 3 is now open. To join just visit Mommy Diary, read the requirements, and fill out the Application Form.

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Some words of love

It's normal that in a relationship, you have to undergo some trials, and yes there will come to the point that either one of you will feel insecure one way or another.

Being the paranoid and over analytic freak hehehe, I always cross the boundary between security and insecurity. More often than not, I tend to over rationalize a lot of things in our relationship. Perhaps because I am dealing with Long Distance Relationship, which is very hard.

One time, maybe he got tired of explaining it to me, why I always ask such stupid question. On the other hand , it's nice to be unsure of myself hehehe!!! But despite of  my insanity, he re assured me and simply  told me once sentence that made all my worries dissapear.

"Isadora, I love you and No one can ever change this feeling for you." Opps he mentioned my real name!Lol

I cried and found myself gaining the confidence I thought I lost in our relationship.
Now, I am waiting the time to realize that promises

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Web Wedding

I just recently watched the sky news  and in my surprised,  a British man, 24 and his 30 year old Australian wife ,  exchange their vows over the internet after the volcanic ash cloud disrupting European flights left them stranded in Dubai.

They had a civil wedding in Brisbane , three weeks ago and they planned for another ceremony for family and friends in London however the couple became stuck when they change planes in Dubai on Thursday.

When the hotel heard about wedding plans, the staff stepped in to realize their vows over the web. Hahaha, amazing!The hotel decorated the lobby, they even made them a three tier wedding cake and set up a laptop with Skype and a projector so that the family and friends back to England can see their special moment. 

They said it was incredible day and pretty amazing what they have done for them. They will never forget that day.

The person who conducted the online ceremony said, It was just  like any other wedding, except the bride and the groom weren't there. 

After all, no one can hinder the vows as they expected to happen at that certain date. Like a Filipino saying "Umulat, bumagyo man Walang makapagpipigil " Hehehe!

Watch the Vedio

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on becoming an obsessed with wedding planning

Before the official engagement happen, I was so crazy the idea of wedding. As you browse my blogs you can see some photos of my dream wedding gowns. As I became officially engaged with him and mesmerizing that moment, I started dreaming my wedding to be, then I realized I am pretty obsessed with my own wedding. And I guess too, that someone might be obsessed with wedding planning. Maybe you can relate a few....

I am becoming an obsessed - when I spend a lot of time in my computer, browsing, searching, reading articles about wedding planning. Watching vedio on you tube and repeat watching it from time to time. 

I am becoming an obsessed - when I can't work straight and keep on thinking about my wedding.

I am becoming an obsessed - when I create vedio that I  can play on to the projector and show to my guest on the day of my wedding.

I am becoming an obsessed - when I want to put up business in wedding planning and coordinataion.

I am becoming an obsessed - when I keep thinking what to write next on my wedding blogs

I am becoming an obsessed - when I want to design my own wedding gown

I am becoming an obsessed - when I ordered my personalized wedding cords online, just to make sure I have a lovely wedding cords.

I am becoming an obsessed - when I can give a lot of reason on planning my wedding.

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Budgeted Cost Wedding

During the excitement  of our wedding planning process we sometimes forget that the most important part of marriage, that two people are going to spend together for the rest of their lives after the Ceremony and not the party itself. So in my research to have a terrific wedding yet inexpensive. I found some great tips from friends 

First have to consider where the Ceremony its gonna be? If you are not so fussy or weather you are religious or not, you can have a wedding ceremony at your local church or chapel. Most church can be waived for members of the congregation who are in need and truly want to be joined in Holy Matrimony. 

Second , the reception. Actually, this is my fiancee's idea. If you have big house or yard and if not you can ask from your friends or family and see if you can use it to have your reception at. You can have a buffet which your family helping each other for the preparation. You can set up a sound system and attach an CD player. You can rent cheaper tent  or borrow chairs and table from a baranggay or from the church. Even you pay for it its not the same the cost of the reception venue in the hotels.

And of course, your wedding will not complete without a wedding cake. So, you can make your own wedding cake. If you don't know how to make it, you can ask from you friends or family who know how to make it. I am sure they will not resist to make it for you. Just buy an extra amount of frosting and if you are artistic, you can design whatever you want for your wedding cake.

What I've written is only a gathered ideas from my friends. If you have money, you can have the expensive wedding you want but if you are in the minimum budget you can insert some of these ideas. Remember, what is the most important thing is after the wedding. 

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