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Some words of love

It's normal that in a relationship, you have to undergo some trials, and yes there will come to the point that either one of you will feel insecure one way or another.

Being the paranoid and over analytic freak hehehe, I always cross the boundary between security and insecurity. More often than not, I tend to over rationalize a lot of things in our relationship. Perhaps because I am dealing with Long Distance Relationship, which is very hard.

One time, maybe he got tired of explaining it to me, why I always ask such stupid question. On the other hand , it's nice to be unsure of myself hehehe!!! But despite of  my insanity, he re assured me and simply  told me once sentence that made all my worries dissapear.

"Isadora, I love you and No one can ever change this feeling for you." Opps he mentioned my real name!Lol

I cried and found myself gaining the confidence I thought I lost in our relationship.
Now, I am waiting the time to realize that promises

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3 responses to "Some words of love"

  1. Anonymous says:

    gurl if the guy mentioned ur name and say the magic words of love it means stop thinking weird my fren..

  2. Anonymous says:

    ako diay na tagi...marge..ingats

  3. charmie says:

    hahahha tagi oi, kaw diay kana abi nako kinsa hehehe!!! thanks my fren , miss you :)

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