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Budgeted Cost Wedding

During the excitement  of our wedding planning process we sometimes forget that the most important part of marriage, that two people are going to spend together for the rest of their lives after the Ceremony and not the party itself. So in my research to have a terrific wedding yet inexpensive. I found some great tips from friends 

First have to consider where the Ceremony its gonna be? If you are not so fussy or weather you are religious or not, you can have a wedding ceremony at your local church or chapel. Most church can be waived for members of the congregation who are in need and truly want to be joined in Holy Matrimony. 

Second , the reception. Actually, this is my fiancee's idea. If you have big house or yard and if not you can ask from your friends or family and see if you can use it to have your reception at. You can have a buffet which your family helping each other for the preparation. You can set up a sound system and attach an CD player. You can rent cheaper tent  or borrow chairs and table from a baranggay or from the church. Even you pay for it its not the same the cost of the reception venue in the hotels.

And of course, your wedding will not complete without a wedding cake. So, you can make your own wedding cake. If you don't know how to make it, you can ask from you friends or family who know how to make it. I am sure they will not resist to make it for you. Just buy an extra amount of frosting and if you are artistic, you can design whatever you want for your wedding cake.

What I've written is only a gathered ideas from my friends. If you have money, you can have the expensive wedding you want but if you are in the minimum budget you can insert some of these ideas. Remember, what is the most important thing is after the wedding. 

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