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Fairy Tale Theme

My favorite fairy tale story when I was a kid was Cinderella. That even until now, I still fantasize to have a fairy god mother who can make me beautiful gown and dresses. Princess and their Prince Charming will come and sweep off their feet. Thus, I choose to have a fairy tale theme with an approval of my prince charming. ^-^.

I considered that a fairy tale theme for a wedding is never goes out for fashion. Because bride to be always dream that their "Dream do come true" or want to live a "Happily ever After".

Join my collection for fairy tale wedding theme....

Sources : Martha Stewart Wedding, Squidoo, Project Wedding

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Come & Join : Las Vegas Giveaways

Dhemz, is hosting her first time give away contest. She is giving away free stuff from Las Vegas and after the contest there will be another two giveaways. The contest is open to all bloggers worldwide.  So, be hurry! Head on to her blog now - Shopping List and Product Reviews. 

Come and join now because the contest will end on July 10, 2010 , 11:59 pm US Time:  It's very easy to join, just click the badge below for the mechanics:


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Dreaming Another World

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of goviral. All opinions are 100% mine.

My father loves country, retro and vintage music and one of his favorite band is the Mystery Jets. Early morning he used to play their music that rocks usually our morning especially on Sunday when all the members of the family are together. Thus, their music sounds very familiar to me.  It’s really cool and they’re amazing.  I think they are always amazing since then. They got a music that rocks me, makes me dance to the tune. In fact, I grew up, lovin’ the mix music of the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s because of my father.
Just recently, I have seen the preview of their brand new single entitled Dreaming  Another  World directly come from Stella Artois ‘ CO2 Soiree Show, which was broadcast inside the New Carbon-efficient Stella Artois bottle.  You might not like or not your type of music especially at young age but  you should give a chance to listen. You may dislike at first but you will never know it might be a song of your life.  Lol, Just Kidding! 

How do you find it? Do you like it? Of course, I love it. While listening I actually dreamed to have this music as my retro dance on my wedding day! Sounds fantastic isn’t it? 

Visit my sponsor: Mystery Jets on the CO2 Soiree Show

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Spark a connection with Chemistry

In the early days of online dating, you'd sign in head over to the profile section, then start browsing for someone who caught your eye. If your were a man, you'd send an email or two, hoping to get a message back. If you happened to be a woman , you'd be overwhelmed at the torrent messages in your in box.  

There is a dating site now, designed especially for people who are looking for help in getting to know someone online so the first date feels like you're meeting for the second time. But how it works such way? Chemistry makes different to some other dating websites because first they want you to take the test - Chemistry Personality Test and provide an in-depth look of who you are and what you want in a relationship. Then they'll send you free personalized matches to be introduced to your potential chemistry. They'll help to get to know your matches online before meeting you meet them by offering fun and unique activities to flirt and discover more about each other. They even provide information and recommendations for your matches personality type. And lastly chemistry enhance privacy, it is a closed community. Means only members of the chemistry community can view your profile and initiate contact with you. 

So what are you waiting for , empower your love at, and have a unique conversation-starting activities, personality insights, and personality tips help you get to know and connect with someone. That way, by the  time, you're  ready to meet for the first date you'll know she/he is want to play poker, loves sport or music , travel or adventure. She/he just have a dog, or you just learned how to swim. 

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Shall I stay or Shall I go?

I spoke to one of my friend this afternoon and the way she's telling me the story about her relationship with her boyfriend,  I can sense that she is not happy. She wanted to give up but she consider a lot of things in their relationship. I can feel that she is confused and asking herself if she will stay or go in that relationship

After talking with her , it reminds my first relationship with my ex-boyfriend. It was difficult and I put myself more crap then I should have. Everybody continually told me to end the relationship, yet this is one of those things an individual needs to learn on their own and figure out for themselves, otherwise, they'll end up for a similar person and doing it all over again. 

There may have good times, in fact there were, he was very kind and generous to me, or else I wouldn't gotten into the relationship in the first place, or it wouldn't be so shard to break up and wouldn't be asking question.

But there was also a lot of bad, which is why it ended?

Time comes I was brave and gave up and  move forward and seek another relationship but before that I gave myself to contemplate a lot of things on what I want to do. I took a break from a relationships and figure out not only on who I was but figure out what I want in my life in the future. 

We are not in the same situation but the more we hold things, the more we get hurt. 

I was very glad that I'm no longer in that relationship anymore.

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Are you Ready for Marriage?

I was stumble this beautiful  website for ladies that talks about relationships, fashion , beauty, food etc. and I was tempted to take one of their quizzes in relationship, such "Are you ready for marriage?" 

I'm not shocked of  the result for I know that I am totally ready but happy with my answers that give a perfect result.

Here it is :

You're ready to tie the knot.

Finding the right person to settle down with helps you become the person you want to be in life. You have a healthy self-esteem and a good grasp on reality. "You don't have what I call the Jerry Maguire syndrome "says Les Parrott, marriage expert and best selling author of Saving Your Marriage It Starts. "You don't need anyone to complete you. Rather, they complement you"Whether you have found one, or are still on the lookout, you can breath easy. When it come time for wedding bells to chime, you'll set and you'll be radiating pure, honest-t-goodness happiness too.

Weirdest Ways to Get Married

Most people enjoy getting married in a church or chapel . And the bride wears a white gown and the groom wears a tuxedo with all the family and friends around. Then, there are some people who like getting married in different odd ways. Apparently, standing in a church just no memorable enough for them. So, while browsing the internet today I found this website that featured some weird wedding ideas.

Here are some that I found it so weird:

1. Skydiving Wedding - How do you like it? Weird , isn't it? Even so, this rare event now has started all over the world like this one in Atlanta. Well, if you can survive jumping out of an airplane together, then surely this is right for you.

2. A wedding to die for - Do you want to add hint murder in your nuptials? Then try this little game of clue that has carefully scripted murder plot as a party theme. It make a great weird wedding reception.. 
wedding to die for

3. Bungee Jumping Weeding - If you don't like Skydiving Wedding, bungee wedding is for you. This is more likely skydiving wedding the only difference is you have a bungee cord attached to them.  This way you know how your new spouse the ups and down in married life.

4. World of Craft Wedding - World of Craft is MMORPG or massive multiplayer onlie role play game. You can as warlocks, ogres, elves and others. How about to have this and resuming those identities? 

5. Wicca Wedding - Does your worship call for being in a field? If it is does, then getting married in a field makes total sense. "Handfasting" to Wiccans and Pagans is a normal event for wedding, even if the rest of the world find it strange. 

strange wedding

Perhaps this ways seem so weird to me but to others maybe these is not weird enough.

You can view more here .

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A picture of LDR

our latest photo, took recently on messenger
Everyone told me my relationship couldn't work, But that's not true
and I wanted to share with the people who is in LDR

There are things that you can do to LOVE your long distance relationship!

Distance cannot or hurt a bond between two people that is  based on mutual respect, trust, commitment and love. 

Although you may feel like you are losing your faith in your relationship at times, hold fast and trust your heart .

I, like you truly believe that love and relationships are  what make your life so  special, and that ones built on love, and understanding are always worth preserving regardless the miles  that may separate two people.

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Selecting the right wedding souvenirs

Yes, there are a lot of array in selecting wedding souvenirs , brides and grooms are often dizzy before they can decide on what souvenirs they want to have or order.  Perfect Wedding Zone,  give a guide to avoid mistakes in selecting your wedding souvenirs.

1. Waiting longer to order the favors
This mistake is usually made due to uncertainty in the number of guests. First you need to have a better idea of how many guests will be attending the ceremony. Then you can easily order for a specific amount of guests.
Waiting too long will cause you to find fewer options. Personalized and custom wedding favors take time to make. Planning beforehand is therefore a must.
2. Unable to decide on the right amount
You need to plan in advance and order the right number of favors. For this, you need to decide whether you want to give one favor for each of your guests or one favor for each couple.
3. Ordering the favors that don’t replicate your individuality
Choose the favors that replicate your hobbies, passions or interests. It is better to go with a theme. Any favor with your photo on can be a great keepsake. Don’t choose favors that are generic and bland.
4. Allotting large amount of budget
Favors are usually given to thank the guests for attending the wedding ceremony. However, that does not mean that they should be costly and you need not spend too much on them.
5. Ordering favors that are not functional or useful
Choose favors that your guests can use such as frames, candles, magnets, chocolate bars etc.

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Sunny Diamond

You may want something different for your engagement Ring? Try one of these sparky, sunny diamond.
Bring that sweet summer feeling into the design of your engagement ring, and bask happily ever after in the rays of a rare canary diamond or a classic gold setting.

So what are you waiting for? Hurry and visit Martha Stewart Wedding

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