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Shall I stay or Shall I go?

I spoke to one of my friend this afternoon and the way she's telling me the story about her relationship with her boyfriend,  I can sense that she is not happy. She wanted to give up but she consider a lot of things in their relationship. I can feel that she is confused and asking herself if she will stay or go in that relationship

After talking with her , it reminds my first relationship with my ex-boyfriend. It was difficult and I put myself more crap then I should have. Everybody continually told me to end the relationship, yet this is one of those things an individual needs to learn on their own and figure out for themselves, otherwise, they'll end up for a similar person and doing it all over again. 

There may have good times, in fact there were, he was very kind and generous to me, or else I wouldn't gotten into the relationship in the first place, or it wouldn't be so shard to break up and wouldn't be asking question.

But there was also a lot of bad, which is why it ended?

Time comes I was brave and gave up and  move forward and seek another relationship but before that I gave myself to contemplate a lot of things on what I want to do. I took a break from a relationships and figure out not only on who I was but figure out what I want in my life in the future. 

We are not in the same situation but the more we hold things, the more we get hurt. 

I was very glad that I'm no longer in that relationship anymore.

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2 responses to "Shall I stay or Shall I go?"

  1. Vernz says:

    very well said darling .... dropping by here.. have a great day!

  2. Anne says:

    kalawum sa mga pulungan dire oi... love man jud kaau is n d air... hapit ko sis...

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