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Are you Ready for Marriage?

I was stumble this beautiful  website for ladies that talks about relationships, fashion , beauty, food etc. and I was tempted to take one of their quizzes in relationship, such "Are you ready for marriage?" 

I'm not shocked of  the result for I know that I am totally ready but happy with my answers that give a perfect result.

Here it is :

You're ready to tie the knot.

Finding the right person to settle down with helps you become the person you want to be in life. You have a healthy self-esteem and a good grasp on reality. "You don't have what I call the Jerry Maguire syndrome "says Les Parrott, marriage expert and best selling author of Saving Your Marriage It Starts. "You don't need anyone to complete you. Rather, they complement you"Whether you have found one, or are still on the lookout, you can breath easy. When it come time for wedding bells to chime, you'll set and you'll be radiating pure, honest-t-goodness happiness too.

2 responses to "Are you Ready for Marriage?"

  1. Anne says:

    sauna ready ko karon laay man diay hahaha... lami ning daga jud kay bisan asa adto walay huna hunaon hahaha...

    Bitaw sis oi, ma ready man sad tali

  2. I hope you will find the man of your dreams whom you will want to tie the knot with. Just pray to the Lord that He leads to the man of His choice. Thanks for the post. God bless you always.

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