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Weirdest Ways to Get Married

Most people enjoy getting married in a church or chapel . And the bride wears a white gown and the groom wears a tuxedo with all the family and friends around. Then, there are some people who like getting married in different odd ways. Apparently, standing in a church just no memorable enough for them. So, while browsing the internet today I found this website that featured some weird wedding ideas.

Here are some that I found it so weird:

1. Skydiving Wedding - How do you like it? Weird , isn't it? Even so, this rare event now has started all over the world like this one in Atlanta. Well, if you can survive jumping out of an airplane together, then surely this is right for you.

2. A wedding to die for - Do you want to add hint murder in your nuptials? Then try this little game of clue that has carefully scripted murder plot as a party theme. It make a great weird wedding reception.. 
wedding to die for

3. Bungee Jumping Weeding - If you don't like Skydiving Wedding, bungee wedding is for you. This is more likely skydiving wedding the only difference is you have a bungee cord attached to them.  This way you know how your new spouse the ups and down in married life.

4. World of Craft Wedding - World of Craft is MMORPG or massive multiplayer onlie role play game. You can as warlocks, ogres, elves and others. How about to have this and resuming those identities? 

5. Wicca Wedding - Does your worship call for being in a field? If it is does, then getting married in a field makes total sense. "Handfasting" to Wiccans and Pagans is a normal event for wedding, even if the rest of the world find it strange. 

strange wedding

Perhaps this ways seem so weird to me but to others maybe these is not weird enough.

You can view more here .

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1 response to "Weirdest Ways to Get Married"

  1. Anne says:

    weired jud kaau mahadluk man sad ta aning mga style

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