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Successful men don't like to date up

"Successful men don't date up. They are intimidated by wealthy women unless they are blue bloods. Successful men want to always take care of their women, and that means financially."

I have read  the Wall Street Journal from a millionaire matchmaker Patti Stanger , that well-off men don't want to date a wealthy women, unless the women inherited that money of course. She might know a certain brand of millionaires, but I'm not buying the idea that every rich dude finds a successful women intimidating. I am not a rich girl but I think, hardworking self -made female millionaires that are often intimidating to these men. That's my point of view. 

On the other hand, I cannot generalize for all successful man. Because there are a lot, out there too who married with successful women and double the income what he makes. Hmmm...As we absolutely know that women loves to be pampered by their men. And men loves to provide for and take care of their "woman". Take out for dinner, buying jewelry, etc.. provide that make her happy and satisfy. Those are the things they can do and feel manly. 

Nevertheless, who doesn't want a luxury  life? With all the good things that makes you happy. It is always a dream of everybody. And its intimidating to have a guy to pay and give everything for you. Isn't it?

Have you experience like that? How do you feel? Did you ask yourself how can you repay him? 

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Summer Bride MakeUp Tips

Every bride want to look more beautiful in their big day. And summer is the best day for wedding because the sun is shining. Its beautiful though, but brides are worried that make ups will melt in their pretty face and turn to complexion shiny. So if you are a summer bride here are some steps to be followed from the beauty and health expert. 

For Your Body -
The day before your wedding, cut back on dehydrating alcohol and avoid spicy foods, which can make you flush.

Lighten UpIf you have very dry skin, a hydrating body wash might not be enough to make your skin feel soft and smooth. Instead of a thick body cream, which can cause perspiration, try a fast-absorbing dry oil,

Shower Smart
On your big day, give yourself two to three hours to get ready. Racing around only raises your body temperature and stress level. In the shower, use a moisturizing cleanser, like Dove Supreme Cream Oil Body Wash.  It deposits rich emollients on skin so that you can skip heavy creams. Then rinse with brisk water. If you start to feel hot later, run your wrists -- which are pulse points -- under cold water for a quick cool-down.

Stay DryDust a moisture-absorbing powder, like Johnson & Johnson Baby Powder Cooling Cucumber Melon  from your bra line to your feet. And use a powerful antiperspirant. Try Secret Clinical Strength the night before. Put it on the soles of your feet as well, to avoid slipping out of sandals.

Pour MoreWater is key to feeling refreshed. Add a few cucumber slices, which have cooling properties, and keep sipping throughout the day.

 For your Smooth Hair
Choose a style that gets your hair off your neck -- a soft updo will ensure you're comfortable.

Top Knot
When deciding whether to wear your hair up or down, consider this: Updos stay neater longer, and they really flatter your bone structure and neckline. Equally important, hair left down can feel like you're wearing a scarf in the summer!For a modern look, opt for soft variations on the classic chignon instead of severe or product-shellacked buns. The style shown here is adorned with fabric flowers by Jennifer Behr


Smooth MovesFrizz can be a problem on humid days. So avoid alcohol-based gels, which can dry hair, attract moisture, and give strands a fuzzy finish. Instead, apply a smoothing serum to damp hair before drying it. Giannandrea likes L'Oreal Professionnel Texture Gelee Rich. To keep curly hair soft, blow-dry hair and recreate the curls with an iron, which seals hair's cuticle, preventing frizz. Style and set it with spray. Try Pantene Pro-V Restoratives Frizz Control Anti-Humidity Hairspray. Then blast neck and face with the dryer's cool setting. Avoid touching hair, and stay out of the heat until the last moment.

For a Pretty Face
Your wedding is your day to shine, but not literally. Stay photo-ready with sheer, long-lasting cosmetics that can take the heat without wilting.

Wear Light LayersTo make makeup last -- and stay in place -- layer on cosmetics; use eye shadow primer before brushing on neutral-colored shadows, and apply a cream blush try Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge for Lips and Cheeks, then top it with a similar shade of a powder. Likewise, line your eyes with pencil first, then go over them with a thin liquid liner. Try L'Oreal Lineur Intense. For lips, apply a stain. That way, you'll have some color on even after you've been kissing a lot.

To create flawless-looking skin without piling on heavy makeup, use a foundation brush, which makes it easier to deposit the right amount of product,Use it only where you need it -- like on blemishes or the red areas around your nose and chin. Then finish with a light dusting o right before you head down the aisle.

Go to the Matte
To prevent shine, first apply an oil-absorbing treatment . If you have very oily skin, consult your doctor about Accutane, which can permanently shrink oil glands.

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On some quotes

To have and to hold from this day forward, for better or worse, for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish to death do us part.
Book of Common Prayer
  bride's hands

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Your wedding Meme

I  read this wedding meme from Kristine at Butterfly kisses &100 Good Wishes. I thought it is fun and favorable to you dear mommy bloggers. I enjoyed reading and I convince myself to give a try to answer some questions.

1. Where and how did you meet? We met  3 years ago at the chatroom of mig33. It was really fun, he was a kicker and I was only an ordinary chatter. I was mad at him because I was always kicked out in the chatroom then one day in the church where he was attending he asked my number from our common friend, and he said sorry you cannot phone Israel because he working in Saudi Arabia. After he tried to be friend with me and started chatting through messenger. And we found out we fall from each others company. WE enjoyed talking, sharing problems, thoughts, opinion , and fun. And even we shared our daily activities at work.

2. How long have you known each other? Three years..

3. How long after you meet you started dating?  We've been dating merely through internet.

4. How long did you date before you were engaged? Two years

5. How long was your engagement? Hmmm, we are still engaged

6. How long have you been married? We are in the planning process

7. What is your anniversary? I hope still every 18th of the month...

8. How many people came to your wedding reception? We are planning to invite 100 people maximum.

9. What kind of cake did you serve? I will serve him chocolate cake LOL

10. Where was your wedding? Or where will be our wedding.? To my home town Davao City

11. What did you serve for your meal? Hmmm... When time comes I will serve him three courses.. soup, main course (specifically fish and vegetable his favorite) and the dessert. Ice cream and cake!

12. How many people were in your wedding party?? My family and my guest I think

13. Are you still friends with them all? Sure.

14. Did your spouse cry during the ceremony? I have to find out that ...

15. Most special moment on you wedding day? Don't know yet.

16. Any funny moments?? I have to find out ... Let you know all

17. Any big disasters? Hope not

18. Where did you go on your honeymoon? We plan to fly Hongkong in Disneyland with god's will.

19. How long were you gone? How long we will be? maybe 3 nights and 4 days.

20. What side of the bed do you sleep? Right

21. If you were to do your wedding over, what would like to change?I don't know yet

22. What size is your bed? Probably double lol...

23. Greatest strength as a couple? I don't know yet

24. Greatest Challenge as a couple? Not yet

25. Who literally pays the bills? I don't know yet.

26. What is your song? He loves love for a lifetime.. He sang it once to me...

27. What did you dance on your first dance? I don't know yet

28. Describe your wedding dress? Haven't got yet..

29. What kind of flowers did you have on your wedding? I don't know

30. Is your wedding bands engrave?

31. How old were you when you get married? hmmm I'm 32 and he is younger than me

I tag this to following people.Anne, Dhemz, Cacai , Chubskulit, Kayshane It is my great pleasure if  you can tag this too.  It's fun I think,  and I hope, I can get tips from you guys... Happy tagging!

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DYI: Cupcake Liners

The ideas of simple design struck on my  mind. Any design idea can make a large impact on a wedding. Specially if we are on  tight budget. We want to save but make our wedding something different. Simple but would be a great impact. I've came across tho these website ... it has a simple great idea and too inexpensive too. A cupcake liner. Here are a few cute, unique ideas to keep in mind when designing your wedding across cupcake liners:

Photo: Paul Lowe of Sweet Paul Blog

Make wedding decor with cupcake Liner. It is a unique design. You can make flag decorated with cupcake liners.

Photo: Paul Lowe of Sweet Paul Blog

This is a great idea for table reception. Instead of using expensive flowers, to make lovely centerpiece using cupcake liners.

Credit :

For the sweetest day of your life, it would be unsavory to deny your guest something sugary. Put chocolates some cupcake liners for an added flare.

Or you can put some adorable cupcake liners and paper cupid , heart picks or even wrap a chocolate with cupcake liners and put in a box, good for bridal showers and wedding favors.

As cake alternatives, you  can have inexpensive cupcakes, with this you can save some money from buying expensive weeding cakes. 

Be creative, you can buy or order cupcake that match your wedding colors and theme.

Anymore ideas, Please do share!Enjoy................

Money Savings Tips for your Wedding Flowers

Visualizing my wedding to be inspired me that much however thinking about the budget make me crazy! Though my event planner is responsible to weed out any vendors who doesn't fall within our budget. Considering to spend money for flowers. If you chose a special imported flowers definitely you spend a fortune and if your looking for out of season blooms , they will be harder to find elsewhere and the rarity can also add to the cost. Here are some tips that I read and I thought I wanted to share.

DECORATE WITH GREENERY - Use greenery such as trees and garlands of ivy to fill large areas. This will give a dramatic impact for relatively little money. Small trees, such as palms and ficus can usually be rented. Ivy garlands and eucalyptus leaves are also lovely when placed around the edge of the cake or gift table.
DECORATE WITH ROSE PETALS -You can choose from fresh or silk petals. A scattering of petals on each table adds a lovely touch of color, and petals en masse, such as a ring around the base of your cake, makes a dramatic statement. Petals come in different color choices and are inexpensive.
RE-USE ARRANGEMENTS AND BOUQUETS - Use your ceremony floral arrangements at the reception. You�ve already paid for them, why not get a whole evenings worth out of them? Floral arrangements and ribbons which decorated the aisle can dress up the cake table. Bouquets can also be used to decorate the cake, guest book or head tables. Altar arrangements can be placed on either side of the head table, or used at the entry to the ballroom.
CONSIDER SHARING CHURCH ARRANGEMENTS - If another wedding will take place at the same location and same day as yours, you may want to share altar arrangements, pew bows, and other flowers and split the cost.
CONSIDER SMALLER BOUQUETS - Rather than having you and your bridesmaids carry large, elaborate bouquets, how about smaller, elegant bouquets instead? The larger the bouquet, and the more time spent in putting it together will cost you more money.
Consider the dramatic look of one or two white calla lilies or a single rose (what a classic!) with a lovely ribbon that coordinates with your color scheme beautifully tied on the stems. 

Article Source:

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Wedding Myths

Every bride dreams that when she comes to march in the isle,  she wants it to be perfect like a fairy tale. After all the preparation and arrangement of their dream wedding, bride to-be consider to take wedding myths and superstitions by heart and do not want to tempt fate in their blissful day. But not all wedding myths are bad. There are some wedding myths and superstitions that are said to bring good luck too. So, don't hold your breath bride-to-be. Myths and superstitions are usually based on events or omens that are said to foretell either bad luck or good luck.

Rain on Wedding Day - it is the myths of good luck and bad luck . Good luck myths of rain on your wedding symbolize the coming of children and the bad luck -rain represents many tears a bride will cry throughout her marriage.

Tears on the Wedding Day - it is considered good luck for the bride to cry during her wedding. She will have cried all her tears away leaving none for the marriage. Another theory holds that a bride's tears are good luck as they bring rain for the crops. 

Sign your married name before the wedding: it is considered bad luck for the bride to sign her married name before the wedding as it tempts fate. For the same reason, the bride should avoid wearing her entire bridal outfit (wedding dress, bridal veil, shoes and jewelry) prior to her wedding day. 

 Wearing pearls - here is another wedding myth that has both bad luck and good luck versions. So if you are a bride-to-be, decide which version you want to accept! In the good luck version, pearls take the place of the bride's real tears so she will have a happy, tear-free marriage (that really is a myth!). In the bad luck version, pearls represent plenty of tears are to follow in the marriage.

Dropping the wedding ring - according to myth and superstition, dropping of the wedding ring or rings can have fatal consequences, but not for the bride or groom. The myth is that the dropping of the ring can shake off evil spirits for the newlyweds. For the person who drops the ring, it is said that he or she will be the first to die out of all those who are at the wedding.
The bride shouldn't make her own dress: this wedding myth states that for every stitch of the wedding dress the bride sews herself she'll shed one tear during her marriage. 

Time of day to get married: the couple should exchange their vows as the clock's minute hand is moving upwards, therefore any time half past the hour, for example 2:30 or 4:45. The upward movement is said to bring blessings upon the couple as the minute hand is "ascending towards heaven." 

Surname of the same first letter: it is considered unlucky for the bride to marry a man with a surname that begins with the same first letter as hers. This wedding myth is summarized in the following Victorian rhyme: "To change the name and not the letter; is to change for the worst and not the better."

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Disclosure Policy

This policy is valid from 18 May 2010

This blog is a personal blog written and edited by me. For questions about this blog, please contact

The compensation received may influence the advertising content, topics or posts made in this blog. That content, advertising space or post may not always be identified as paid or sponsored content.

The owner(s) of this blog is compensated to provide opinion on products, services, websites and various other topics. Even though the owner(s) of this blog receives compensation for our posts or advertisements, we always give our honest opinions, findings, beliefs, or experiences on those topics or products. The views and opinions expressed on this blog are purely the bloggers' own. Any product claim, statistic, quote or other representation about a product or service should be verified with the manufacturer, provider or party in question.

This blog does not contain any content which might present a conflict of interest.

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Stress-free Assisting your Guest

I came across about this new trend on weddings . Less people and stress free. Instead of hiring ushers or usherette assist guest to their respective places. Set up a board look likes the photo above. Guest can look for their names in the board (brides maid can help them) and see what table number they are in.

It is a great idea but this works best to events which have a strict RSVP system.

Credit : Martha Stewart Weddings

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Personalize your Wedding Cord

According to Wapedia , traditional wedding cord known as wedding lasso or wedding lasso cord is a wedding paraphernalia use in some Christian Catholic wedding ceremonies. This is actually the presentation of the loop of rosary beads made out of white satin and silk. During the wedding proper, this is traditionally formed into a figure of eight shape around the neck areas of the bride and the groom after they have made the wedding vows, and are already kneeling on pillows for the announcement of the wedding prayer. This cord symbolizes lifetime unity or the everlasting union of the bride and groom when they officially become husband and wife as well a symbol of marital protection; while the loops signifies their love for one another. After the wedding this marital twine is typically kept by the bride as a wedding souvenir.

To make your wedding bond more memorable and cherished, customizing your wedding cords based with  your motif would be great idea and lovely. It is also a wonderful and unique gifts for a bride-to-be on her bridal shower. 

I ordered my personalize wedding cords through  Wedding Unity Cords .

It is has been design as a rosary - made with fuchsia pink and turquoise blue crystals accented by white glassy crystals. Each loop represents the five mysteries with our name initials at the center connected with a beautiful silver crucifix. As our spiritual guidance to our journey into marriage life. 

The 7th Before I do Bridal Fair

VRC Creatives
Before I Do 7th Edition
Before I Do 7th Edition
May 15-16, 2010
Megatrade Hall 1
SM Megamall
Every bride looks forward to spend the rest of her life with that special someone. Someone who is perhaps the dearest person in her life, her only beloved, her soulmate, her better half. Before forever begins, months of wedding preparations are done to achieve that most awaited day to saying “I Do”.  But where do you begin in planning for your wedding day? From picking a date, to imagining how one venue will create a memorable day, to wearing a gown fit for a princess, to finding shoes that fit, to having a feast suited for a king, to getting the word out that all these are happening, wedding preparations surely are no walk in the park. Now on its 7th run, VRC Creative Events presents Before I Do Bridal Fair that will feature more than 70 wedding suppliers who are more than willing to extend their services to you in making your special day stress-free and a memorable one. 
On May 15 and 16, 2010, the Megatrade Hall 1 of SM Megamall in Mandaluyong City will be filled with seventy-seven wedding suppliers, as well as new exhibitors who are just waiting to be discovered by soon-to-wed couples to help out all brides and grooms out there to make that dream wedding come true. Wedding entertainers will be showing off their talents as you enter the hall. You will then be transported to a very romantic hall dressed up by Angels of Hearts, while Juan Carlo the Caterer will tickle you and your significant other's senses as they allow guests to have a taste of their sumptuous cuisine. To lessen the stress and hassle of your wedding preparations, The Wedding Planner Magazine will serve as guide on how to prepare for your special day.
With a lot of options to choose from, you will be treated to a lot surprises and amazing finds in this event, including discounts and special rates for on the spot bookings. These on the spot bookings are also your key to getting a chance to win a 3-days and 2-nights stay at the Pearl Farm Beach Resort in Davao if luckily picked during the raffle draw at the end of the fair, along with the awarding of the couple who gets to spend 3-days and 2-nights at 7 Stones Boracay Suites for winning the Best Pre-nup Photo contest. If you are still trying to get ideas and have not made a final decision yet on what you want for your special day, you still have a chance to win in the hourly onsite raffle, taking home gifts courtesy of the exhibitors.
This event is also made possible with the following partners:,,,, Megatrade Hall, SM Megamall, MSD Godspeed, Business Mirror, Business World, 99.5RT, Wave 89.1, Magic 89.9, Jam 88.3, and 103.5 Max FM.
Soon-to-wed couples, debutants and guests can get in for free when they pre-register online at or through SMS by texting BID07 to +0918 996-76-76. Couples who also bring a copy of the latest issue of The Wedding Planner magazine gets to enter for free.

For questions, inquiries: 
VRC Creative Events Management Corp.
Address: Unit F 6/F, Westgate Tower, 1706 Investment Drive, Madrigal Business Park, Alabang, Muntinlupa City, Metro Manila, Philippines ,
Telephone No: (632) 809-3119, 809-8707, 873-5661
Fax No: (632) 873-5661

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Inspiration Board-Romantic Fantasy Wedding

If your planning an Asian fusion wedding, then chances are you know that color red holds a lot more weight than most others. It's the sign of luck , happiness and good fortune bestowed unto the marrying couple.

Inspired by this luscious color, here's a dream palette infused with fairytale mystic, asian fusion and the color of romance.

2010-2011Wedding Color Trends

I found this trendy wedding colors for 2010 on Check it out and see if any of these colors inspire you.

Aqua/Turquiose - this color is almost similar, a color that represents water, warm and cool color. Vibrant and pretty and its a favorite of Spring Brides many times ever.

Navy Blue - Blue is a favorite color for man and woman. And Navy is a  cool color that symbolize of importance, confidence and power of authority.

Hot Pink/Pink - it is a color of universal love. A quiet color, calm, lovers of beauty. Pink Carnation/Fuschia Pink means "i will never forget you".

Yellow - this color symbolizes wisdom. Bright, sunny color is the easiest color to see. It brings clarity and awareness. It is good for outdoor garden wedding.

Purple - it is a color of good judgment; it is a color or people seeking spiritual fulfillment. It symbolizes magic, mystery as well as royalty.

Light Blue - it is associated with health, tranquility, understanding, and softness.

Mauve - it is from a purple family , a grayish purple color; it is look like lilac and violet. This color is associated with royalty and formal ceremonies. Its great for ladies, looks very elegance and graceful.

Magenta/Fuchsia - this color made up red and blue wavelengths called as red-purple in Munshell Color System. It stretches to divinity, love, learning & nurturing. It can consist of people with earthly skills, releasing past agony and moving forward.

Coral  - it is a reddish or pinkish  shade of orange; it is named after sea animals also called corals. Calm aand warmth.

Gray - it is a combination of black and white color; its represents pessimism. It is a metal color.

Silver - it is a grayish white color; represent wealth and accomplishment. It also a metal color.

Cobalt Blue - it is a cool slightly desaturated blue color; like blue it a cool color that symbolizes confidence. 

Here's the 2011 Wedding Color Trends

Apple green, mauve, lilac, hot pink, slate grey, celadon, aged gold, coral, red, violet purple, mocha / chocolate / brown, navy, emerald / pine green / dark cyan, clementine orange, and yellow.

Click here for more colors and Inspirational Board.

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Win a Wedding Dream

Hey bride to be! Realizing our dream wedding spend a lot of effort, time, most specially we have to allot money if we want an elegant and memorable wedding.

Now, we can have that  dream wedding we want to be for free. Hizon Catering  host a raffle ticket  to bring up your wedding for life.

Hurry and join this amazing promo.  Who knows you will be the next lucky couple  to celebrate the most special day of your lives for free.

Click here to join.

Enjoy this wonderful opportunity for a lifetime.

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To Hire Wedding Planner or Not?

Back to my wedding plan, my fiancee and I talked last night if we still need to hire a wedding coordinator/planner. But I insist considering we deposited money already. 

Hiring a planner is something you and your fiancee you should talk about carefully. Because you have to allot extra money on it most especially if your budget in tight and limited. Unless if you are rich and no reason to worry right after the wedding.

As I contacted wedding planners before I hired my lovely and accommodating event coordinator MSYSCHIC . Most of them offers three options: Full Coordination, Semi Coordination, and On the Day Coordination:

With Full Coordination is what we've choose since we both working overseas and we want that our wedding arrange properly with no hassle. This coordination,  your planner will take care of everything you need. From conceptualization, canvassing of suppliers and keeping you in check the things that yourself will have to do. Like creating a guest list, schedule in the church.  If your working abroad and busy to arrange your own wedding I prefer to recommend Full Coordination Package. It is quiet expensive but I think its not painful in your pocket

With a Semi-Coordination- in this package, a planner takes care where you started. They only follow up what work you've done. Like follow up your suppliers. But mostly you've done it yourself then you realized that you need somebody to help you out.

On the Day Coordination - this is coordination is done only of the wedding day, itself. A planner does the direct activities to make sure the program flow will go smoothly and serve as your assistant guide in all your needs. However, all the responsibliities of planning and supplier hunting full on your shoulders.

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Welcome to the "Gap" Women Perspective

How old are you with your boyfriend, or husband,? Do you feel smarter than them? Do you feel your more a social person than them, you earned more than them?

I was watching a program yesterday on television about relationship talking about "gaps" mean - age gap, education gap, and social gap. 

These certain gaps can be threaten the respect in a relationship. If there is a big educational gap, you have to be careful Most specially if a woman is more educated , she has to be careful. Because when a woman feels she is smarter than the man she is with, she tends to step over him. Women now didn't put any nonsense things, they earned as higher as a man earned. Women should think first before they start to talk.

A large age gap is another potential red flag. In my experience, if a man is 10 years older, it's usually not a problem. Unless he is vastly more educated or worldly. That's you should be careful too. Some older man are too possessive most especially if their partner is young,attractive and beautiful. But after 10 years, you have to be more cautious. A partner must feel like equals in order to have a healthy relationship. Obviously, if he is way beyond her in life experience and maturity, he might look down on her. 

One woman shared about her insight from an Ancient Jewish philosophy. She is Jewish. I can't remember her name because I focus on the subject they were talking LOL! As she said "kinopya ko pa yon" I almost forgot it happened that "Sara" know it. "Make yourself a mentor, acquire a friend for yourself, and be sure to judge favorably" That was a wonderful advice she gave. And Sarah can relate, the fact that she was married to a very strong man and a doctor by profession for 67 years. 

But what if the woman is older than him? Ann said (sarah daughter) in any way, she looked man is immature, LOL! I was laughing. And Sarah said (taka)a yeddish term in English "really". It is good for a man whose younger than woman, because old man died early than women. Another big laugh I gave to them. It was a fun conversation. Therefore, I conclude it depends how mature the man is. If a woman  2 or 3 years older than him the difference might not be noticed. However, if she is four or five years older than him, he have to be extraordinarily mature in order to be a healthy relationship.Otherwise, woman feels herself she is playing like a mother!(sigh). In my case, I don't know yet, he is younger. Ultimately, we both have respect. If not, it might end up mistreating each other. However, physical touch and attraction is different from online relationship.

Lastly, a large social gap they've talked also threaten a relationship. If a woman or man is wealthy than their partner that is also sometimes is difficult. A woman spoke about her experience having trouble with great guy without big money because she couldn't respect them. She always hope such great guy but she realized she doesn't want to repeat her parents marriage. Of course there are people from upper class who are happily married to lower class. But it does take a lot of work, that was they said. If your considering a partner from a different social class you must do some sober thinking. That means seeing beyond the infatuation and looking at the respect factor. You should start to ask question now. Like, are you willing to put up with different habits. But if your a girl who knows to deal with them that must be easier.  Honestly, it helps to have money.

In my point of view as a single woman olalala... LOL.. The key ingredients of happy and healthy relationship is mutual respect. Whatever the gap is, you both need it, you both deserve it.

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My Encounter in Dating Websites

I know most of us here heard about internet dating. Women looks for men, or men looks for women. For fun, pastime, or partner for a lifetime or whatever reason they might have is their business.

I was one of those women looking for partners in life. Registering different foreign website just to meet a man of my life. Encountered different races, culture and tradition. Encountered rudeness and nastiness and a lot more.Though it was only a conversation but it made me sick. Some also were very nice to talked with, but when the conversation get closer, they confess that some Filipinos they chatted are asking for money. Being a Filipino I felt shamed, I know that not everybody are doing such things.

I felt bad for mysel as well to Filipino women dating foreigner's online who's intention is only to find a partner of their life. I registered as male member and pretending I was a man. It was really difficult but I managed to finished my mission. I proved that there are some oriental girls asking for money. And mind you, not only Filipinos.

I spoke one Filipino woman , married to American guy. I was very interested to know everything why she married that guy the fact it was too old for her. She said she married that guy because of financial problems that her family needed. She want to get out from the Philippines to support her family, to support her children. Because she said she was a single mother. She didn't feel anything for him at the start but ended a burning love. She was really beautiful that everybody can hook up her beauty. I don't know if she is really telling me the truth but that was the conversation. She has a lot of friends married to foreigners due to financial constraint but ended in love and happy ever after.  And I asked her why foreigner loves Filipino women. As I told, Filipino women are caring, affectionate, responsible specially to their family. 

Nevertheless, "true loves" knows not what is color, religions or races. All they know is , every thing is ROSY and BEAUTIFUL, Bad is still good to their eyes, Excuses is still sweet words to their ears. Don't forget the saying : LOVE IS BLIND. Love is not always love as they said. Yes you cannot buy love, however you cannot love a person if he is lazy, cannot make a living. Love easily fly the window if you have nothing to eat. Love is someone who is kind and dependable.

With my point of view Filipino women marrying  foreigner is a part of our colonial mentality that played the role of our society. Like we're  buying imported products rather than patronizing our local ones. But no matter what your choices are, still it's your free will to their options. I just felt really sad the bad image of Filipino women in dating world. The reason why I stopped chatting with foreigners.

I just encountered a bad situation that thought me a lesson.  But I  know they are still  wonderful and kind men there online. Just be aware to those people you talked with.  I  believe what goes around, comes around.

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A wish do come True

A dream is a wish your heart makes, when you're fast asleep. In dreams you will lose your heartaches whatever you wish for you keep. Have faith in your dreams and someday, your rainbow will come smiling through. No matter how your heart is grieving if you keep on believing, the dream that you wish will come true

courtesy from my own design

A song of Cinderella, and like everybody else, I want the dream that I wish will come true not only for a few hours but  for always. 

wish and dream high 

 I am thankful and grateful to GOD that he guided me all along my dream and wishes. A wished do come true. 

An Accomplishment that I wished since I was a young girl
 (photo from Google Images)

 A wish came true - To make sure that my family never starved anymore

A wish came true - A house for my parents in the City
And to add more wishes for my family 
 I wish that everything will be fine, good health, good relationship among us. 
 Thus, keep believing myself and my special dreams, and I do believe that wishes do come true.  

And lastly, A wish to give my parents a holiday trip to Bohol, the place that they are longing to go 
And here I am again making another Wish and this Wish made for someone that I love that I've meet here online. We both have our own lives but we discovered strong feelings for each other. And all I can hope and wish for the next journey.. I know then , we can be together..

 Given an opportunity to wish. I wish I can meet you the sooner the better and I wish it would last forever..

the vedio of our dream wishes
 Walking in aisle with a simple wedding dress, and  fairy tale theme Wedding that I wish I could get

 A wish to furnish our newly built house before we can go home
I wish we can find a good job back home

 Good Health for both of us

And I wish I could earn and learn more in the world I'm in.. Gaining friends and meeting people online is what everybody wishes with this Make a Wish Blog Contest 

Some photos are courtesy of goggle images, thank you very much!

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Make A Wish Blog Contest

Actually I browsed this contest for a few times and I am hesitant to join it because I didn't know if I can make it. However, blankpixels left a message with my chat box and invited me to join the contest. So Here's the Mechanics :

Join the Make a Wish Blog Contest over at Just Another Pixel.
Click here or on the banner above for the complete mechanics and prizes.

We would like to thank the following generous sponsors: Please take the time to visit them.

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The Blog Contest is open to everyone , across the globe not just Filipinos and its up until May 15, 2010. SO, Hurry and Join!

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Honeymoon Destination Packages

So you just finished planning the perfect wedding, complete with the dress of your dreams, countless bridesmaids, an invitation list a mile long and the most ornate place settings any of your guests will ever have laid their ungrateful eyes on. It's going to be flawless, phenomenal, a night you'll remember forever. But then what?

Arranging every last detail of the ceremony that will bind you to the one you love is exhausting, even with the help of wedding planners and other minions to manage the logistics of your special day. The last thing you need after organizing the party of a lifetime is to have to plan every last detail of the perfect weeklong honeymoon.

I found some beautiful views and destination for wedding honeymoon packages in the Philippines.  You wouldn't believe how I love this beautiful and breathaking photographs. Hehehe!

A rental Villa in Tagaytay - The first Asian home to be featured in Architectural Digest, Greek-Balearic Suites is homage to a modern design with an uniquely organic flair. For reservation and inquiry email at or send a text messages (0918) 928-12-96/ (0922)865-2685 or visit their sales offices in Robinson's  Place Summit Ridge 2nd level or SM City Dasmarinas Cavite

For more views visit Wedding Honeymoon Destination.

And if you want and love nature Dacoy Beach Resort is for you. Located in North Panagsama beach, Moalboal, Cebu Philippines. Contact No's.  63 (32) 474-0150, 63 (0) 9274686237, 63 (0)9052767717.

It is a place where you want to do anything, you can relax here, can have a good rest that nobody bothers you. It also a place for most divers.  Because this place is the most famous diving area in the Philippines. So, if both of you loves diving and nature then this a wonderful place for honeymoon.

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