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2010-2011Wedding Color Trends

I found this trendy wedding colors for 2010 on Check it out and see if any of these colors inspire you.

Aqua/Turquiose - this color is almost similar, a color that represents water, warm and cool color. Vibrant and pretty and its a favorite of Spring Brides many times ever.

Navy Blue - Blue is a favorite color for man and woman. And Navy is a  cool color that symbolize of importance, confidence and power of authority.

Hot Pink/Pink - it is a color of universal love. A quiet color, calm, lovers of beauty. Pink Carnation/Fuschia Pink means "i will never forget you".

Yellow - this color symbolizes wisdom. Bright, sunny color is the easiest color to see. It brings clarity and awareness. It is good for outdoor garden wedding.

Purple - it is a color of good judgment; it is a color or people seeking spiritual fulfillment. It symbolizes magic, mystery as well as royalty.

Light Blue - it is associated with health, tranquility, understanding, and softness.

Mauve - it is from a purple family , a grayish purple color; it is look like lilac and violet. This color is associated with royalty and formal ceremonies. Its great for ladies, looks very elegance and graceful.

Magenta/Fuchsia - this color made up red and blue wavelengths called as red-purple in Munshell Color System. It stretches to divinity, love, learning & nurturing. It can consist of people with earthly skills, releasing past agony and moving forward.

Coral  - it is a reddish or pinkish  shade of orange; it is named after sea animals also called corals. Calm aand warmth.

Gray - it is a combination of black and white color; its represents pessimism. It is a metal color.

Silver - it is a grayish white color; represent wealth and accomplishment. It also a metal color.

Cobalt Blue - it is a cool slightly desaturated blue color; like blue it a cool color that symbolizes confidence. 

Here's the 2011 Wedding Color Trends

Apple green, mauve, lilac, hot pink, slate grey, celadon, aged gold, coral, red, violet purple, mocha / chocolate / brown, navy, emerald / pine green / dark cyan, clementine orange, and yellow.

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