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A picture of LDR

our latest photo, took recently on messenger
Everyone told me my relationship couldn't work, But that's not true
and I wanted to share with the people who is in LDR

There are things that you can do to LOVE your long distance relationship!

Distance cannot or hurt a bond between two people that is  based on mutual respect, trust, commitment and love. 

Although you may feel like you are losing your faith in your relationship at times, hold fast and trust your heart .

I, like you truly believe that love and relationships are  what make your life so  special, and that ones built on love, and understanding are always worth preserving regardless the miles  that may separate two people.

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2 responses to "A picture of LDR"

  1. Hi Charm, you are truly in love. I agree,long distance it up to two people to make it work.

    btw, charm can you leave me links of your blog where you add my blogs so i can add it to my blog. thanks

  2. Anne says:

    It workd jud sis with trust and loyalty... hahaha.. work man gani pinas to europe hahaha...

    Super kaau ang pagmamahalan... congrats sis, looking forward for you and your fiance to be one.

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