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Save Your Relationship

Find Out HowDo you have problems in your relationship? Everybody does, but do not think that a break-up is the solution. There are many ways to save a relationship. Here are some tips:

1. Communication

The best and most important method in a relationship is communication. You need to talk to your partner because it is crucial. Tell him/her exactly what you think, what makes you unhappy; what would you like to change.

2. Learn how to forgive

Forgive your partner's mistakes and admit nobody is perfect - even you make mistakes and nobody makes you pay for them. For a bigger mistake, a break-up is not solving anything. Talk about the reasons what lead to the incident and pass over things that are not so important.

3. Have faith in him/her

In every relationship or marriage, faith is important. If you do not trust the person you live with, then your relationship is worthless. If there are reasons of jealousy or other reasons that can appear to diminish your trust, do not show suspicion.

4. Show your feelings

If you want a good relationship, you need to show your partner what you feel for him/her. Give up the scenario that he/she would love you more if he/she does not know how deep your love is, that his/her intentions are for real, it is the moment to treat this person the same.

5. Offer gifts

Not expensive ones, but symbolic ones, or little surprises. As an example, a mug to use at the office, a frame for your photo. It's easy to show love.

6. Be sincere

Never lie, especially because truth will show up. Every time you think to say a lie, think that nothing good will appear, and when truth is found, he/she will not trust you anymore.

7. Share his/her feelings

If you have a problem, maybe at the office or family related, tell your partner about it and try to find a solution together. Also, invite him/her to share problems with you - everything is easily solved when both of you work on it.

I applied it and it works well.

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