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Love is real, love is contagious, love hurts. love feels wonderful, love changes us. Love is like fire in its spark and appetite. - it came a heart of a person who fall in love. And every relationship we encounter o we enter there is a great love behind it. Relationship between parents and children, husband and wife, girl friend and boyfriend. Relationship with your brothers and sisters, with your friends and relatives. And even in my blogging, i have relationship with the readers and myself and all of these because of LOVE.

My sister used to tell me when we were a young girl you are wasting your time in writing , "ayaw mo ako tulungan dito"hehehe...I love to write romantic stories. di pa natatapos ang isa , may nabubuo naman sa utak ko. Naisip ko pa nga minsan ipadla ko sa "maalaala mo kaya ang stories ko" But since I don't have time and nobody appreciate what I did. I stop...My passion in writing helps me to know myself better, it lessen my boredome now, it lessen my anger. This is my outlet to be happy, revealing myself what is inside my heart.

If we have no love, we are nothing at all. Everyone of us lives because of LOVE. So, the relationship between our parents are great and pure for anything else. Just like GOD's love for us, inspite of our weaknesses and disobedience. The love of the parents for their children have no limits. They will do everything for us, they sacrifice us just to give us a good future. Kaya yong ibang mga magulang nasa abroad, to give their family a good life. They said, a mother can keep 10 children but a daughter/son cannot keep a mother/father. Pwde kalimutan ng anak ang magulang pero di makalimutan ng magulang ang anak.

The most critical and complicated relationship is the relationship between husband and wife. In my point of view this relationship has a lot to ask, a lot to look forward, senstive and you should be sensible in every aspect of your marriage life. You should need to understand the needs of your partner. You should have respect,love, trust and the greatest of these is LOVE. As we all know, before you/we got married, we are all familiar how marriage going on. We have the idea about it. This is not a game, not a joke. But I know someone ,she said LOVE is just a word if you have nothing to eat , love will fade. Especially if a man doesn't make a living. Love will get easily fly over the window. She said in marriage , mostly a woman should give more than she receive. A capable wife is always there to attend to the needs of the family. A man should provide the needs of the family. Whatever problems occurs in the family settle first before going to bed. There is no perfect marriage is how you deal with it.

The Lord correct those he loves, as parents correct a child of whom they are proud. God has many ways to help us, to save our soul. All we have to do is listen attentively. 

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