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my confindate is my inspiration

It's not easy to maintain a long distance relationship especially you haven't meet him/her. What I'm trying to say her is like online dating and you build relationship over the internet. You build a relationship to a stranger, love him/her like you've seen in person and making plans that seems you are a perfect partner. Like me and my boyfriend,we built only our relationship over the internet now for 19 months.. It works alright but sometimes I cant avoid doubting, can't avoid not to expect too much from all our plans we've made, especially when we have argument. Arguments made me confused if I made a right decision. He is very sulky person and sensitive and in that case I don't know how to manage him. Every time he feels like that makes me irritated. But to make our relationship run smoothly my old confidante married for 68 years told me more often that if I want a good harmonious relationship, I should bite my tongue. You should give more than you receive. Makes them feel that they are right all the time. After all they realize that you are right and they ask an apology to you. Talking to an old 91 years old, I realize she is right, what harm just to do the right thing and it end up good one.

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2 responses to "my confindate is my inspiration"

  1. yamashita says:

    ang ganda naman ng post na ito,,,, kasi namn kaw din may prob eh,,,,sorry

  2. issa says:

    ngek hehehe!!! ngaun ko lang na read ito ah post mo ..

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