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i thought I'm not happy , can I call it quits.

Me and my boyfriend(chatmate) used to argue with a nonsense things. I thought I'm not happy anymore with him. But the moment we talk the excitement is there, I didn't know what's this feeling all about.:):) probably because we haven't seen personally for almost 2 years. He is a very sulky person and most of the time I made him upset. Every time we do fight I goes to say, it isn't healthy for you? maybe we need a break. I need a space or let's call it quits. Long distance relationship is hard to build. This problem always arises for both of us when we started doubting with our own judgement and lack of self confidence. He always doubted me and it's irritating. And i always think of quitting. hehehe....But the fact is that it is OK to give up sometimes. It's hard to tell that especially when pain is real but there is something a liberating about a fresh start again... LOL...It is a chance to create more effortless and compatible relationship. I take some advices also from my friends, and elderly people who's also in a relationship. And they said, before I call it quits, i should mull over my options. A short call off could help,as might a calm and controlled conversation about the things i can and can't, or will and won't change. But never accept second best. I will develop a tendency to do that the rest of my life. Fight on as long as I know there is something worth fighting for.

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