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Our Story Begin

My world just revolve after work by reading novels, magazines or even sometimes if I'm in the mood I write a few lines what comes up on my mind. That was before I became chat addict. ^-^

Back 2006, my friend introduced me these mig33-the world largest mobile first community wherein you can meet new friends, chat and have fun. You can even send free text messages, play games and much more. From that on, I forgot to read my book. Sleep late at night, Oh not at night, I don't even sleep.LOL! I enjoyed chatting with sense or senseless topics. Sometimes, I forgot to eat lunch and dinner. I made few friends and  few offline relationships. I don't know if they are really real or not but as long I enjoyed talking to them I wouldn't mind.

With my fascination in these chat world, I often heard the username "yamashita" pero di ko pa siya na encounter. Ika nga sikat siya sa mga kasamahan kung babae sa work. And one of my workmate wanted him to be her boyfriend. Naalala ko noon, "humanda yan si yamashita, kakaririn ko yan" . "Kakaririn" is our chat term "to intimidate".  I'm just sitting on the side corner and listened to their bluffing because my old lady patient doesn't want to participate to a large group. Then one day, I was in the chatroom, and suddenly when I supposed to send a message, screen appeared " your has been kicked by voltz" So what I did, I sent a private message to that username and said "are you out of your mind?, why you kicked me?." Abah ang sinagot ba naman sa akin is the icon (tongue out)Like he said , bleeh! LOL!  I was so irritated because we were in the middle of an interesting topic inside the chat room. I never knew that username "voltz and yamashita" is the same person until I asked my workmate who is votz. ^-^. Eng-eng din ako kahit 1 year na ako noon sa chat.  Mahilig kasi ako sa private chat. Hahaha!

It was sometime September 2007, one of my male chat friend invited me to managed a chat room. Char, bongga manager na ako!LOL! So, I joined together with a friend too. The chat room was named Pinoy Friends. The three of us ran the chat room so smoothly. We have activities such as Q&A in general knowledge, essays, current events , etc. Anything to provide our chatters to stay, enjoy and have some fun at the same time they can learn a little bit. Until my friend introduced me to his friend who founded a group "Kasannagi Family. The founder used to visit the room from time to time and then he saw how I well managed the room.Char , parang McDonald well!Thus, he invited me to join the his "no life group". At first I was hesitant to accept the invitation. Tanong ko pa " what is the mission of your group?" " Are you nice people?" But later on, I joined the group and became an active member. That was the time I saw "yamashita" again using a username "yama_kasannagi" not knowing that he was one of the founder of the group. We chat, we talk, we became friends. Then we both found out we fall to each other.

                                      His 1st picture that he sent me       My 1st picture that I sent him.

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17 responses to "Our Story Begin"

  1. anne says:

    girl taga asa man diay jud ni si Yamashita naa diay ing ana na site noh hehehe eng eng man ko ana oi lahi man gud to ako gi joinan tung una harharhar

  2. chubskulit says:

    Naks, nabitin ytuloy ako sa kwento nyo ni Yam.. sheezzz hahahaha.. Sana to be continued para alam ko ang next episode lol. Nosey oh hahaha..

  3. charmie says:

    Hahahaha. to be continued yan sis!pinutol ko kasi sobrang taas na, Hahaha!

    Anne si yamashita taga Pinas , nagwork abroad pud:)

  4. Liz says:

    wow, very colorful ang beginning, kami ni hubby sa chat lang din nagkita eh, kala ko pinoy, puti pala na marunong mag type ng tagalog words, napeke ako, hahaha!

  5. Anne says:

    da lagi kini si Yam... i dig pa nato ni kay murag lawum kaau ang ginikanan ani..hahaha kini adik sa chat lagi sis ... pero kilig factor kay daghan ka ma encounter nga guapo ug maot hahaha...

    Kini 1st pic exchange nyo ba ka cute sa bangs hahaha... imuha sad nga smile makadani kaau... mao ni karon.. agoy abangan ang sunod na kabanata...

    Mine sis kaapil nako Here is mine.

  6. Mama Ko says:

    Mao na imung ever dearest labidabs charm. taga asa mani siya? life in the chatroom daghan sd ta nailad hehehe

  7. charmie says:

    Humana na ka na ug dig sis hahahaha...

    Pinoy japon na siya sis Shy! naa lang pud abroad oi!

  8. so sweet love story :)

    Thanks for dropping by and the greeting...

  9. Cacai M. says:

    Wow.. sweet story naman sistah.. the group founder and the manager/administrator naging couple. Whew! That's cool huh! I love the love story sis.. :)

    Thanks by the way for visiting My Nostalgia: 2008 Christmas Cards Received ;) -- pareho pala kami nang alaga mo.. that's great to know Charm.. mahilig din pala sya nang pins/brooches at greeting cards.. :)

  10. Kayce says:

    wow how sweetness naman! kakatuwa ang love story nyo sis... love it!

    by the way, Please check out my Me Singing post too. Thanks!

  11. charmie says:

    Yes Cai, hahaha ang dami niya pins at brooches kaya , yong dati ko alaga na almost 102 years old... napamanahan pa ako ng pinsa at brooches kaya lang napadala ko na ng Pinas . Thanks for the comment:)

  12. tatess says:

    matagal ng palaisipan sa kain yang fiancee mo kung paano at saan mo na meet. kasi sabi mo nga sa mga post ya matagal ka na sa Israel .Now ,unti unti ng nagkakaroon ng linaw .i am waiting for the continuation of your story

  13. Vernz says:

    waaahhhhhhhhhhh, kabalo nako para asa ning love is in the air the blog ... hahahah... charinnnnnnnnnnnnng! Kayo pa rin? unya naa man ka diha layo .. keyboard love affair diay ni ... hahahah!

  14. charmie says:

    Hahaha keyboard, webcam love affair ka ni.. galupad lupad sa kahanginan nga gugma hahahaha! tagna jud ka ate vernz!

  15. Dhemz says:

    ayay makabuang ning imong entry sis kay bitin kau ko....hahahha....mau jud ka mo bitin sa amo da....I like your story....funny! hehehhe.....:)

    mao ba ni si Mr. Right? ehhehhee.....looking forward to read the next!

    sensya na tawon igsoon karon lang ko naka rampa sa blog world...busy kau akong life...eehehhe!

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