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An Odd Love Story

Olalala, time goes so fast, so quickly, but I want more, more fast and quick.. any idea why? Seven weeks and five days to go I can see again my family after eight years here in Israel. And of course, excited to meet this person behind this blog "Love is in the Air"

And because it's Thursday, once again it's time for Nostalgia..Hehehe! Down my memory lane, a continuation of my entry last week as everyone said "bitin daw sila" lol! So here it is guys!

When the time I saw his username "yama_kasannagi" not knowing that he is one of the founder of the group. My heart, beat so fast .. lol (na totoo yan)why? because I enjoyed buffing him in the chat room using other username too. So, at that night we ended up chatting privately. Then the next day a friend of him who happened to be my friend too, was telling me " ano ginawa mo kay yama? huh , I didn't do anything to him. Somehow, I thought my charm works. (wink). He asked my number from his friend that I used to chatted with. He thought that I'm working in Jeddah and we could meet in the church where he used to attend church activities. So, his friend said " Are you dreaming?why you ask her number? Amber (that was my username) is working in Israel and there is no way you can call her?" He was shocked then, (as to speak) and told his friend "charmie is in Israel not amber" Hahhaha! (charmie was my username when he kicked me) and he didn't know that "charmie and amber" are the same person. Either way, I never knew na di pala niya alam(kakaloka mga kapatid). His friend laughed at him, he was embarrassed (as to speak) and didn't chat me for a few days. 

One day, he sent me a message saying "hello , how are you?can we talk?", Said, yes why not? then he started confessing and sharing me about his family. At first, I cannot believe if he was telling me the truth. But I can feel his sincerity. We became good  friends before he courted me. We used to send romantic songs, laughed his jokes and had fun his good sense of humor. Sometimes we ended up talking til 4 o'clock in the morning. Hence, I believe that this man is sincere with his feelings and I started to consider of what I felt towards him. We  both agreed to put our relationship ( in the air)  into a serious one. He communicated my parents first before I phone his mother. I can say, he won the heart of my mother.LOL! 

After two and half years, that happened merely over the internet. He proposed to me.And without hesitation, I'm happy to accept it. 

Hey guys, naloka ba kayo?..!!! Sorry ang korni!Sana di na bitin!:(

That's the end.........This is the first song he sent  me, I found it here in my notes!

For more Nostalgic Entry :


12 responses to "An Odd Love Story"

  1. tatess says:

    weeh,kaloka as in naloka ako! pero true yan ,marami talaga naiinlove thru chatting .isa na ako dyan .yung ex ko before chatting din kami nagkainlovan ,yun nga lang sinulot ako ni hubby sa kanya .inaayos na nga nya sana fiancee visa ko.

    kaya relate na relate ako sa love story nyo. kaka in love .

    congrats and best wishes to both of you. ang ganda ng song.

  2. Luna Miranda says:

    kilig naman ng love story mo.:p
    medyo skeptical ako sa on line love affair sa dami kong nababalitaan na marami nanloloko lang. but it's great that you found THE ONE on line, and you're brave enough to say yes.

  3. charmie says:

    Hi sis Luna, yes dami talaga manloloko before I found him, I encountered few people din na niloko ako.. and he knew it. ganun din naman siya..

    Hello te tess!thanks po, hehehe pares pala tayo.. :)

  4. David says:

    I met my wife through chat and I am the happiest man... I am happier more than ever. Good luck!

    My Nostalgia

  5. chubskulit says:

    Weeeehhh btin na naman ako hahaha, ano ba ang susunod na kabanata, kasalan nyahahahah.. Iilan lang tayo sa mga maswerte na nakatagpo ng mga knights natin.. Mwah..

  6. charmie says:

    Hahaha sis Rose.. bitin ka dyan.. malaman nyo din ang susunod na kabanta:)

    Hello David, thanks! It's all a matter of luck! Thanks for the comment:)

  7. Marice says:

    awwwwww sweeet! :) thanks for the detailed story :) i have been into relationship with a guy before that I met thru online.. tho we didnt end up being together.. we remained friends :) i agree there are lots who are untrusted but there are also some who are trusted! glad youve found one!

  8. Vernz says:

    awwwwww..... ahihihi, wala kaya akong ganitong mga angle ng love story..hahahaah... thanks charm for dropping by Petty Things In Life

    kita kits .. muuli man diay ka nu?

  9. Mom's Place says:

    hehehe yes kita-kits tang mga taga Davao..uli diay ka...bitin japon...when the kasalan blues hehehe

  10. charmie says:

    Ate Vernz and Te Kat.. hahaha, yep mouli kita kitz ta puhon..ay ganahan ko ana bah!:)

  11. Clarissa says:

    weeehh!!nakaka-kilig naman pero bitin lol!pero I'm sure merong kasunod yun so better wait na lang^_^

    Hope you can visit my late nostalgia when you have the time:

    Thanks and enjoy your weekend!!^_^

  12. AC says:

    waaah!!! i love reading love stories like these... naku, nakaka inlove... sarap balikan noh? ako mabilis ako magtiwala at mabilis din ako ma inlove, so siguro kung nakikipag chat din ako, malamang sa chat ko rin nakilala si hubby (if nagchachat din sya) wahahaha!!! kahit nga text lang naiinlove ako eh... adik eh noh?

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