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Origin Of The Engagement Ring

An engagement is a promise to marry, and also the period of time between proposal and marriage - which may be lengthy or trivial. During this period, a couple is said to be affianced, betrothed, engaged to be married, or simply engaged. Future brides and bridegrooms are often referred to as fiancees or fiances respectively.

Origin of the Engagement Ring

Engagement , or betrothal, rings date back to the ancient days of marriage by purchase when gold rings were circulated as currency. The groom-to-be would offer his bride-to-be a gold ring both as his partial payment and a symbol of his intentions.

Brides-to-be in these earlier times wore woven bands made of rush (a flexible marsh plant with hollow stems), and replaced them each year. Roman brides-to-be wore rings made of iron to symbolize the permanent, unending nature of marriage. During Medieval times, grooms-to-be placed the ring on three of the bride's fingers in turn to represent the Holy Trinity -- the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. 

The engagement ring that my fiancee bought for me

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    Girl I am looking forward for your upcoming big special event hehehe I love your ruby entry mine is up and its in thanks thanks

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