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smarty, bitchy wise

I'm in my 2 years with my boyfriend "fiancee" only a relationship that connect us through our modern technology. I am reaping the reward and I am safe of any danger now. It was difficult at the start and the more the relationship grow , I found out some secrets and lies. I am just being smart to knew it. It wasn't so terrible as I told you earlier in this blogs.


Just always remember that the people you are dealing with are not  (not less, not more) real people in your everyday offline life. Be smart, just treat them as you wish to be treated online. Recognize that others  online not necessarily treat you as well as you treat them. Not everyone on the Net share will share your values or your sensitivities. If you are a frequent chat room addict hehehe, choose your place or groups. Because there are some people using abusive bad words in the chat room. Choose the group where you feel comfortable. And keep in mind that there will have a possibility to develop a strong relationship online when you are a frequent chatters. A relationship that are different in quality and character from anything you've experience in real. And beware  that people online frequently as I said, lie about their identity. They give beyond giving false name to go with an online ID. The more ID they have, the more people they can deceit off. And remember once again that NET also littered with people who have spent a very long time getting to know someone "intimately" only to find they've been mislead. Physical presence, social context and everyday experience are the missing things having online relationship. If you don't remember , I will reminded you that the person you get to know online is not completely on the picture. But then, be aware still of falling in love and giving your personal details like bank account, visa card number etc..Think of it now whom those people.hehehe!!!:)

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