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does Age matter or Doesn't matter?

I was upset for a few weeks , and I never bother to updates my blogs. I felt I was neglected and deceived. Something wrong with him, the communication wasn't alright for a few weeks and found me very difficult because he couldn't talk to me calmly. Always shouting and ignoring me. I was crying and didn't talk to him for a few days. For me if he is not the right one then perhaps somebody is waiting for me out there. I prepared myself what's going to happen. I sent him an email and let decide what he wants from our relationship then he sent me text message asking sorry from all his nastiness and rudeness. Not talking to him for a long time and let the time goes just like that was not good. They said that if you want to settle quickly what was happen then talk to him as soon as possible to avoid the conflict so long. I saw him online and buzzed him, he got sense to asked an apology again. He broke the silence and ask me to promise that I won't get mad. My heart beats quickly I thought he is married, have another girl friend and got him pregnant. I started crying of what I was thinking but I was wrong. No third party involved just only his age. He lied to me at the very first beginning. He didn't have a courage to tell me the truth co'z he is scared that I might live him if I will find out. He let the relationship works so well and the feeling goes dipper. When I found it out, nothing change, the feelings never change after all but I am confused. I have a lot of question in my mind. He is 5 years younger than me now. Is he willing to stay with me for the rest of my life and look me at 40 years old and he is 35 years old only. Does age really matter or it doesn't matter? Most of my friends told me it doesn't matter as long you love and help each other. As long as your happy together. Could you help me some of my confusion now. I still love him and I want him but how could I explain to my parents, to my siblings. 

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  1. grace says:

    mas bata lagi uie buh!bsta san ka masaya suporthankita naks uie

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