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Have you ever fall in love with your chatmate?

Have you ever fall in love with the stranger???A chat mate? A person , you never meet??

I meet a guy , 24 months ago from global community mobile website where I could be able to keep in touch my family friends, and make new right one. A friend of mine introduce me this website, I tried and I enjoyed it so much talking to those stranger people all over the world. I meet new friends and build good relationship with them.

Back 2 yrs ago , out of boredom I entered at mig33 chatroom, the moment I entered the room I saw the message "your has been kicked." I was pretty angry, hehehe "feeling maganda ako" what I did? I send a private message to the person who kicked me. I told him why you kicked me , I never did anything wrong then he sent a replied an icon "tongue" and bleehhh. LOL...I was angry and mad and since I knew his bestfriend, one of the founder of the OFW organization at the chatroom. But it seems like I was neglected. lol... but i told myself never mind, kicking wasn't a big deal for me. Weeks had passed, his friend ask me if I talked to "yamashita" the kicker code name. NO,NO,NO I haven't talk to him. His not the type of a person to talk with kasi puro lang kalokohan LOL....He told me that "yamashita" asked my number, but because they are working in Saudi Arabia he couldn't call Israel. Israel blocked the phone line from Saudi Arabia. Weeks and weeks had passed I recieved an IM from him asking how am I? That's the start of our good friendship until he courted me after 3 months we build a love is in the air relationship. An Air romance that until now we are expecting to happen when we meet.

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